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Welcome to PracticePower Academy

PracticePower Academy marks the new era of coaching and training advisors worldwide. This is a 100% Free (I am sponsoring this site at my cost) web-based coaching & training platform unlike anything else in the industry. You will have access to hundreds of hours of video and audio training.

You will have access to a proven system that I have developed in my 25 years of coaching advisors that will help you grow your business and create the lifestyle that you deserve.

Why am I giving all this away? This industry has allowed me to create my ideal life and lifestyle for my family. I want to give back in a very meaningful way and create a legacy that will help all advisors and planners.

I have always believed in being innovative and unique. I was one of the first coaches in our industry. The first/only coach to tie his compensation to actual results. The only coach that actually partners with his clients in order to double and triple their business.

I offer you this membership opportunity in the belief you will discover tools and strategies that will allow you to build a practice of your dreams and create your ideal life and lifestyle for yourself and your family.

Watch my brief introduction video below and take me up on my offer.

Coach Joe Lukacs


Your Membership Includes:

  • Think of PPA Like an On-Line Gym That’s Open 24/7/365. You Have Access When and Where it’s Convenient for You.
  • You Will Have Access to Our Industry Leading 9-Module Business/Marketing Planning System
  • Access to Our Monthly Game Plan Templates
  • Access to Our Morning Success Ritual Builder
  • Access to Our Daily Game Plan Builder
  • Drive 50 Referrals in the Next 50 Weeks
  • Increase Your Revenue By a Minimum of 20% Each Year
  • There are in excess of 300 hours of video and audio training for you. Personal development, practice management, business development
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The Practice Power Academy Advantage

- Academy members have access to all the tools, materials, forms, E-Learnings, and webcast that our private coaching clients use. - Think of PPA like an on-line gym that’s open 24/7/365. You have access when and where it’s convenient for you. - You will have access to the industry’s most complete business planning system. - Curated by me, an industry pioneer with nearly a quarter century of coaching just advisors. Tap into my nearly 50,000 hours of working with advisors. - Learn how to elegantly source 50 introductions from your clients. - Master your daily game plan for maximum productivity - Create your personal and powerful morning success ritual - Create and master your own one-page monthly game plan - Get access to your own personal PPA coach. It’s just like having your own personal trainer. - There are in excess of 300 hours of video and audio training for you. Personal development, practice management, business development - Here is the best part… I don’t want your money. I am going to invest in you! Become a member —it’s free, sample some of the trainings. Complete the first module of your business plan. If you believe PPA can't help transform your success, then you can move on (no harm). No other coaching firm or organization has a greater value proposition or offer. Take 5 minutes and complete your member registration now. See you inside PPA.

Elevate Your Success

Learn why membership will move you to levels in your business that you will see financial growth as well as personal growth in all areas of your life.

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Read what are members are saying about the Practice Power Coaching Program.

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Coach Joe Lukacs

Learn more about Coach Joe and get to know why many financial advisors use him and his guidance to continue to elevate their business and lives.

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Membership Options

 FREE Membership
No Strings or Gimmicks
Monthly Game Plan Builder/TemplateUnlimited
Access to the PracticePower Personal Coaching TeamRetain Your Own Personal Coach
Magellan Practice & Lifestyle System All Modules
Morning Success Ritual Builder/Template Complete Online Template
Business Benchmarking ProcessAll 13 Key Areas
Influence & Sales Training All 27 Modules
Prospect Meeting System All 27 Modules
Personal Development E-Learnings All 18 Modules
Practice Management E-Learnings All 13 Modules
Business Development/Marketing E-LearningsAll 12 Modules
Business Planning System & Templates All 8 Modules
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